Information for suppliers

OJSC «Vesta-Borisov» invites new suppliers to cooperate on mutually beneficial conditions.

Contact phones:

sales department (light industry) +375 (177) 74-37-95

sales department (household group) +375 (177) 74-37-93, +375 (177) 74-36-31

sales department (food products) +375 (177) 74-37-88, +375 (177) 74-42-27

Telephone-fax (Reception) +375 (177) 76-01-02

We are constantly considering supply proposals for:

  • sewing and knitwear, tracksuits and sweatpants for men, women and children, shoes, household goods, haberdashery, perfumes, cultural goods, jewelry, fabrics...

Interested in offering men's hats made of muskrat, beaver, mink, seal, etc. fur, as well as women's clothing and hats made of natural fur

  • confectionery, groceries, fruits, alcoholic beverages, beer and tobacco products, soft drinks, juices…

Commercial offer must contain:

  • general information about the Supplier (Seller), its technical capabilities, market experience,
  • list of products by directions,
  • the quality of the Products, the availability of permits and certification materials for the Products,
  • Warranty obligations for the supplied Products,
  • price lists and pricing,
  • general conditions and terms for manufacturing the Products,
  • types of packaging,
  • details of the Supplier (Seller), email address.
Last modified on Wednesday, 08 April 2020